• Beyond the “Data Lake"

    Managing Big Data for Value Creation

    Learn how to avoid the “data swamp” in this paper
    by PHEMI CEO, Dr. Paul Terry

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  • Ten Considerations to Realize Enterprise-Grade Big Data

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  • Self-Serve Data

    Give users on-demand access to their data, while automatically enforcing governance rules and privacy requirements

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Enterprise-grade big data with privacy, security & governance

PHEMI Central is a new class of data warehouse that uses big data technologies to handle any volume and variety of data, while providing advanced features for data management, privacy, and governance – all built right in.

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Ingest any type of data, at speed


Transform, index, graph and catalog data into analytics-ready digital assets.


Access your virtual datasets on demand

Privacy, Security  & Governance

Manage consent, data sharing agreements, de-identification and compliance automatically

Data Management

Use a powerful metadata framework to manage data at the field-level automatically

Learn how your organization can benefit from the power of PHEMI Central.

Big data can be small data too.

A common misconception is that big data requires petabytes of data.  In fact, any combination of velocity, variety and/or volume may be the driver for your organization’s need for big data solutions.

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  • Preventing Bugs: How PHEMI put Accumulo To Work in the Field

    PHEMI system architect, Russ Weeks, will be speaking at the Apache Accumulo Summit on how PHEMI leveraged several key features of Apache Accumulo to satisfy an unconventional use case: allowing farmers to protect, monitor and manage their orchards. Find out more about this unique big data solution. (more…)


  • PHEMI Selected as Ready to Rocket 2015

    Rocket Builders today released its thirteenth annual “Ready to Rocket” lists, and announced PHEMI as one of the “Ready to Rocket” companies for the Life Sciences.  These lists profile BC technology companies that are best positioned to capitalize on the technology sector trends that will lead them to faster growth than their peers. (more…)


  • PHEMI selected as Privacy Ambassador

    Dr. Ann Cavoukian, Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, designated PHEMI Health Systems as a Privacy by Design (PbD) Ambassador Organization. PHEMI joins an exclusive group of organizations and thought-leaders committed to ensuring the ongoing protection of personal information by following the Principles of PbD. (more…)